Deeply experience
the aromas of Kyoto.

Heavenly Aroom was conceived in Kyoto on the concept of creating simple and stylish fragrances that can be savored in the home. Our brand introduces a new style of fragrances that invite your five senses to experience the soul of Japan through a fusion of rich Japanese scents and interior design concepts.
From room fragrances that breathe delightful scents into living spaces to wearables such as eau de toilette and solid perfumes, our diverse product selection for various uses opens doors to a fragrantly rich lifestyle.


Superior quality
made in Japan.

All our products, even our interior items such as room fragrances, are scrutinized with the same quality standards as cosmetics as we endeavor to manufacture at only the highest safety level.

Lot management
The majority of our products are assigned lot numbers to provide tracking visibility of the entire production process, from materials receiving to delivery.

Standard Series

Sophisticated fragrances and simple design conjure the image of Japan’s diverse natural landscapes and flora throughout the evolving four seasons.

Botanical Series

This series features an abundant fusion of botanically extracted essences and essential oils, employing the finest quality botanical ingredients to cultivate pleasant aesthetics and prosperous health.